Materials for Hats

Materials for Hats

Hats can be made from a wide variety of materials, including wool, fur, felt, leather, and straw.

Wool are soft, curly fibers that are obtained mainly from domestic sheepskin and are used in the general manufacture of textiles. Wool differs from hair by the nature of the scales that form the outer surface of the fibers. The scales of the wool are abundant, very small and pointed and are fixed only by their lowering and snapped on. The number of flakes varies with the fineness and curl of the fiber. Another characteristic of wool is its lightness, its ability to absorb moisture and its insulating properties. The timeless Trilby hat made from wool.


Material fieltroMaterial fieltro

The fieltro is a material of strong consistency of this non-woven fabric and offers a perfect base for embroidery, without requiring the use of any type of interlining. It is a handicraft material made from wool or hair fibers, steam pressed together, until a uniform surface of a thickness that can vary is achieved. They can be dyed in various colors depending on the use. Its manufacture is relatively simple. The classic Fedora hat is a hat made of felt. It has a wide brim, a crown that is bulging and pointed, and a ribbon.


Leather is a material for the manufacture of clothing and the manufacture of accessories. It has been used since ancient times from animals suitable for this service. Its use is one of the oldest in the textile industry, and its objective was to protect the skin of humans from animals. Leather was becoming increasingly important in accessories. Today it is one of the main textile sectors in the world. The straight and slightly slanted leather hat was down like the cowboy model.

Sombreros de pajaSombrero de paja modelo


Straw is the material that we find in Ancient Egypt. The material is threads or palms that are collected from the field mainly from cereals commonly called cane, they are those such as wheat, oats, rye, fattening, rice. Once cut and discarded after the grain or seed has been separated. The quintessential hat is the panama hat made mainly of straw.