Fashions — Sombreros

Wear hats with style

Hats are the essential and very striking accessory. The type of hat makes the style change and the end result is very flattering to visualize a more casual style, or a more guest style. Large and small flowers, bright colors, or more pastels, ribbons, feathers, become the protagonists.


Did you know that the fedora hat is part of the male looks of the first half of the 20th century and became popular thanks to the gangsters of the time. Look at the movies you will find a safe Fedora.

Materials for Hats

Wool are soft, curly fibers that are obtained mainly from domestic sheepskin and are used in the general manufacture of textiles. Wool differs from hair by the nature of the scales that form the outer surface of the fibers. The scales of the wool are abundant, very small and pointed and are fixed only by their lowering and snapped on. The number of flakes varies with the fineness and curl of the fiber. Another characteristic of wool is its lightness, its ability to absorb moisture and its insulating properties. The timeless Trilby hat made from wool.

History of the Hat

It is a unisex piece, used by both men and women as a defense against the cold or the sun. It is also used as a complement in some cases it can indicate social and ritual differences. Formerly they covered their heads with a kind of headdress that cannot properly be considered a hat. The ancient Egyptians wore a leather or cloth cap on their heads, the pharaoh normally covered the wig with a wide striped scarf, but in official ceremonies he wore a white tiara or a red cap.

Canotier Hat

Theboater It is the most popular and the one that has spread its fashion in the summer. It is light, original,stylish, and it helps us to protect ourselves from the sun or wear alooksummer. It is characterized by being mainly straw, low and flat crown often surrounded by a black ribbon or other colors. The material is mainly straw.