Pamela bell with ribbon and feathers KATHERINA

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Novel Pamela made with noble straw materials in a natural tone with a bell shape. The combination of the natural shade of straw and black makes it fascinating. Very stylish and different from the concept we have of a hat, it is very flattering and modern.

All of it is perfection, adorned with a black silk ribbon around the glass and also on the inside. It can be worn with a side or back lacing. The ribbon ends with a dyed black feather detail that adds to the sophistication of the ensemble.

One of our latest designs. Simplicity and elegance. The result has left us speechless!

Ideal for special events You will make the best impression!!


Pamela made of natural straw.

Measurements: 41 cm diameter, 6 cm cup and 57 cm head contour.

It has a fastening tape.